Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Father's Day

Father's day is an interesting day for me. I have an AMAZING dad. seriously. The absolute best! And my hubby, I knew he would be THE BEST dad to our kids before we even had Sky. I feel so blessed to have these men in my life.

We spent our Father's day hanging out, went to church, and I got to spend my evening with Josh and my dad. We grilled, hung out and had a fun time together. It was the best to be with both of these amazing men.

But in the back of my mind I couldn't help but think of Father's Day weekend two years ago. Josh and I were living in Park City and had planned a trip down to Salt Lake City to go to the temple. We were about to leave, when I started bleeding. I was pregnant. I didn't know if a little blood was okay or not. I texted my sister, the only person (besides Josh) who knew I was pregnant. We drove down to the temple anyway, and the bleeding got worse. I knew I was miscarrying. My first pregnancy and I was losing my baby. I had to do other things that day for work, so I couldn't just go home. I had to face the world of friends, co workers, family and I could barely keep it together. Surrounded by people and I felt so alone. The next morning we went to church and I could barely stand hearing about Father's Day. I made the call to my parents. I tried to just say Happy Father's Day, but I just cried and cried instead. I had to tell my parents I was pregnant and that I lost the baby all in the same day. It wasn't fair. It hurt so bad, both physically and mentally. After some time I felt peace in the pain. I knew everything was going to be okay. But it still hurt. It's a hurt everyone feels differently. One that is hard to describe and one that not everyone can understand. People might think, well you got pregnant again so it shouldn't matter. But it was still a loss, my loss. One that I will never forget. I hug my Sky a little tighter and am so grateful to have her in my life.

I hope you all were able to celebrate the amazing men in your life. Whether they are your father, your hubby, your friend, your uncle, your grandpa, whether you have kids or not, I hope you were able to appreciate those you have in your life! I know I was filled with a lot of gratitude for the men and people in my life.

Camping Near Estes Park

I cannot even remember the name of the camp sight that we stayed up! We were near Longs Peak and barely found an open camp ground because it was packed everywhere. But we ended up finding a great spot. We set up camp, played/walked around, and cooked dinner over the fire. Once we put Sky down to bed in her pack n lay in the tent, we played made up card games and made smores which I was super excited for! I just LOVE being in the mountains. It is so refreshing and free from a lot of distractions and everyday life. I'm grateful for a hubby that likes to go with me! It is a little tough bringing Sky along now because you have to literally watch her every second or she falls down a hill or tries to touch the fire pit, etc. But she just loves to explore! Sleeping was a little tough too because she woke up a couple times and didn't want to go back to sleep. I made it so she couldn't see us in the tent but she knew we were there so it was harder for her to sleep.

The next morning we got up, cooked eggs with peppers and turkey bacon and had cantaloupe. Josh ended up playing whiffle ball with the neighboring camping family and then we packed up and set out for a hike. We decided on a smaller hike and found one around Lily Lake. It was GORGEOUS! And the perfect hike for families, in case anyone wants to head up there. After our hike we drove into Estes Park and found a bench by the river and made ourselves yummy turkey, tomato, onion, avocado sandwiches. It was a perfect picnic! A whole weekend getaway that only cost us $11 for the camp site. That is always awesome!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sky Turns One

I cannot believe that I have a one year old! We had a little birthday party for her and it was little and perfect! She got spoiled with birthday presents and loved being surrounded by all the people (even though she gets more serious around other people, she still loves it :)) Her cake smash was dainty and careful. She didn't want to get messy and didn't quite know what to do with the cake! She doesn't eat many desserts so maybe it was because she didn't really know what it was. Haha she did pick at a few sprinkles and eat a strawberry off of the bottom. (note to self, I am not good at making cakes! haha!).

Sky was born on my Mama's birthday which is so special to me! I will never forget calling her at 4 in the morning and telling her to in the car and come to the hospital because I was going to be having Sky soon! She is an amazing Mother and an amazing Amma. I am not sure how we got SO lucky. But Happy Birthday to this amazing woman!

The Pevansons! Brynne and Clark, you are like her Aunt and Uncle and we  all just love you so much!

How lucky Sky is to have this man as her Papi! They are the cutest!